Other Project Results

Other Project Results

Parallel Site Prototype Studies in Hawaii (multiple sites)

Year: 2011-2014
Funding source: Office of Naval Research
Client: Hawaii Natural Energy Institute
Hawaii (multiple sites)

MKThink’s 4Daptive technology kits measured interior/exterior conditions to track asset performance and help HNEI pick the best “green classroom” performers.

CHALLENGE: Determine which “green” energy building results perform the best in actual conditions and if higher performance assets are acturally worth the investment.

Parallel Site Prototype Studies in Hawaii (Source: MKTHink)

(Photo courtesy of MKThink)

Energy Operational Assessment

Year: 2013-2014
Funding source: OEPP
Client:  U.S. Pacific Command
Contract administrator: Office of Naval Research

MKThink and RoundhouseOne used U.S. Pacific Command data to assess base operational energy needs and delivered seven strategies with up to a 90% reduction in energy use.

CHALLENGE: Reduce operational energy use at U.S. contingency base through material and non-material methods.

Energy Operational Assessment (Source: MKThink)

(Photo courtesy of MKThink)

Baseline Measurement Kit

MKThink R&D

MKThink creates user-frindley portable Baseline Kits to collect field data in the built environment.

MKThink’s team analyzes energy, asset, environmental, motion, and culture data and uses it to identify patterns for efficient resource planning.

CHALLENGE: Collect high quality energy use data from remote military bases to compare against environmental and user factors.

Baseline Kits

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