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STEMworksTMis a multi-faceted, hands-on program where students get to use the most current, high-end technologies in actual community service learning projects.

The process teaches them to:

  • Acquire and analyze information;
  • Tackle locally-based issues and provide solutions;
  • Apply the latest computer design and geospatial technologies.

While working on a specific project, students have to the opportunity to acquire the latest tech skills from animation and CAD to engineering design and GPS, GIS. They get to work with local industry partners, gaining the satisfaction of knowing their efforts are contributing toward improving life on their respective islands.

STEMWorks (Source: WIT-STEMWorks)

  • Share Knowledge & Foster Friendship

    The Hawaii STEM Conference provides participants from every island the opportunity to meet and motivate each other, sharing ideas and building friendships that could extend well beyond high school.

  • Become Better Thinkers

    Contribute toward improving life in their community, develop industry partner relationship, provide actual deliverables, and maintain going solution for the future.

  • Use Industry Standard Tools

    In tackling a range of challenges, STEMWorks students develop relevant 21st century skills in a wide variety of industries.

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