Interactive STEM Portal

Interactive STEM Portal


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Over the past several semesters the STEM Portal has become an integral part of the daily teaching of science at UHWO. In the Geology and Meteorology classes, faculty has integrated a variety of sites and on campus instrumentation to enrich their content and to provide links to their current lectures and assignments. Biology faculty has use the portal to help map coral bleaching, the Ebola outbreak, and invasive species ranges in Hawaii. In these cases, access and use of the portal has been a valuable tool to engage students in the content
and enrich their learning.

Beyond the hard sciences, the portal has given everyone on campus daily access to Real Time content that ranges from the continuous display of the UHWO Seismograph and our weather station to hot topics that are relevant and “just in time” for students like surf and sea swell prediction, VOG maps, and current volcanic
activity on the Big Island. The visual aspect of the portal has also slowed hall traffic down, it is not uncommon to see students and faculty stopping to “check out what is on” as they walk to their classes. This has made the various STEM content not only visible, but also relevant to students, faculty and community members who visit the campus.

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