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Establish a STEM Center of Excellence and a Bachelor of Applied Science Concentration in Facilities Management Academic Program

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The University of Hawaiʻi – West Oʻahu received a Grant from the Office of Naval Research, for the project “Establish a STEM Center of Excellence and a Bachelor of Applied Science Concentration in Facilities Management Academic Program.”
Any questions or comments regarding this award should be directed to the Principal Investigator Sheryle Ann Proper, Director of Strategic Initiatives at UH West Oʻahu.

The grant funding will initially be used to:

  • Transform UH West O‘ahu’s existing physical science laboratory into an interactive Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Center of Excellence
  • Explore the development of the University’s first STEM-related academic program in Facilities Management – a new interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science concentration involving science, pre-engineering, facility operations, energy efficiency, and business coursework. This program will fill a workforce need in Hawaiʻi and is an emerging new career field both nationally and internationally
  • Furnish UH West O‘ahu science laboratories with essential hands-on equipment to support student learning and K-12 teacher education
  • Create an interactive “STEM-Center Portal” at the entrance to the STEM Center of Excellence that displays science and technology related real-time activities such as current seismic activity, weather conditions, campus building energy usage, atmospheric pressure and more
  • Create the first STEM Center of Excellence community outdoor activity – the “The Solar System Stroll,” a two-mile round-trip heart-healthy walk through a sidewalk solar system display on the UH West O‘ahu campus
  • Create a water filling station as a tool to support STEM education
  • Develop the Pueo Prototyping Lab to enhance the UHWO STEM Center of Excellence
  • Create the Cyber Security Workforce Development and the Protection of Critical Infrastructure Project at UHWO to directly support workforce development needs for the U.S. Navy; promote local, regional, and global needs to develop subject matter experts in information security and assurance; and support the transition of veterans into engineering related career fields

A Few Results

Increase in UH West Oahu STEM courses as a result of the ONR Grant to establish a STEM Center of Excellence at UH West Oahu (Fall 2013 –> Fall 2015): 21% increase in number of student registrants taking STEM courses (908 in Fall 2013 to 1,098 in Fall 2015), and a 15.6% increase in number of student semester hours in STEM courses (2,470 SSH in Fall 2013 to Fall 2015).

More Information?

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