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Island Energy InquiryTM (IEI) was developed by Maui Economic Development Board’s Women in Technology Project. It is the first renewable energy curriculum for the state of Hawaii. Since its launch in 2009, IEI has trained over 250 teachers and more than 45,000 students of Hawaii, with a success rate of over 85% through curriculum implementation and evaluation.

It is the first energy education program designed for Hawaii teachers that combines scientific inquiry and engineering design processes with cutting-edge materials and technologies in the classroom. Teachers are using this new knowledge and hands-on activities to help middle and high school students learn about and perhaps, someday solve the state’s energy issues.

In 2013 IEI was recruited by the U.S. Department of State and the Office of Naval Research to implement the curriculum to a recipient group of educators from Thailand and Laos. A key partnership with the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology, located in Bangkok, Thailand, was a major result of this pilot project. IEI has now expanded with a new program branch known as Asia Pacific Energy Inquiry (APEI).

  • IEI Online Curriculum

    IEI emphasizes hands-on, inquiry based science lessons for each grade. Teachers practice all labs and activities during workshops and learn how to implement using the latest Hawai’i standards and energy data.

  • Professional Development Workshops

    Organization of teacher workshops and opportunities for professional development credit.

  • Hawai’i STEM iPad App

    Workshop attendees retain free access to iPad Clean Energy Hawai’i STEM HD. This interactive app allows teachers and students to model clean energies in Hawai’i.

IEI-APEI Map (Source: IEI)

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