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2014 Cohort Portfolio

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The Energy Excelerator provides customized resources to energy innovators to help Hawaii and the world solving the energy challenges.

Funding source: Office of Naval Research is one of the funding agencies supporting the Energy Excelerator program.

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Here the startups of the 2014 cohort portfolio

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    • Amber Kinetics, Inc. – Demonstration – Amber Kinetics commercializes a low-cost flywheel energy storage solution to help utilities reliably integrate wind and solar into the power grid;
    • Ambri – Demonstration – Ambri is deploying liquid metal battery technology to make power cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable all over the world;
    • Autowatts – Go-to-Market – Autowatts helps consumers pair the purchase of an electric vehicle with a photovoltaic system for clean and eventually free fuel;
    • Ballast Energy, Inc. – Go-to-Market – Ballast Energy, Inc. halves the cost of lithium ion batteries by pioneering a low-cost production process to unlock new markets;
    • Open Power Quality – Go-to-Market – Open Power Quality is the catalyst for crowd sourcing power quality data collection;
    • Stem, Inc. – Demonstration – Stem optimizes energy savings and minimizes needed battery size through data analytics and advanced energy storage solutions.


    • TerViva – Demonstration – TerViva develops and commercializes new crops that grow sustainably on underproductive agricultural land.


    • Effortless Energy – Go-to-Market – Effortless Energy integrates innovative finance with technology and marketing to make energy efficiency the no-brainer it ought to be;
    • Ibis Networks – Demonstration – Ibis Networks provides plug-load energy management services and secure data analytics for large commercial organizations;
    • Oroeco – Go-to-Market – Oroeco is developing a social platform to empower users to align their personal values with their everyday spending, investment, and lifestyle decisions;
    • People Power – Demonstration – People Power turns smartphones into smart homes by enabling homeowners to control and monitor all of their electrical devices;
    • Pono Home – Go-to-Market – Pono Home helps people reduce their utility costs through auditing, infrastructural changes, and occupant education, all in a one-time service;
    • Pyro-E – Go-to-Market – Pyro-E is harvesting vehicular and industrial waste heat to improve the energy-use efficiency of the U.S. and the World.

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