2013 Cohort

2013 Cohort Portfolio

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The Energy Excelerator provides customized resources to energy innovators to help Hawaii and the world solving the energy challenges.

Funding source: Office of Naval Research is one of the funding agencies supporting the Energy Excelerator program.

  • Renewable Water Technologies Go-to-MarketOff-grid desalination – Renewable Water Technologies originated at University of Hawaii to produce off-grid desalinized water for agriculture, disaster response, and remote locations. They are currently planning to deploy their second plant on Oahu’s north shore;
  • Gen-X Energy Development Go-to-MarketRenewable energy microgrid – Gen-X is a solar and wind developer that also created a system called Skygrid: a renewable energy microgrid that enables commercial, industrial, and agricultural facilities to use distributed generation while off grid;
  • Conscious Commuter Go-to-MarketFull-frame, folding e-bikes – Conscious Commuter™ designed and developed folding and full-frame electric bicycles for commuters and bicycles upgradeable to electric-assist. Conscious Commuter ceased operations in December 2013.

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