APTEP is a technology and education ONR initiative in the Asia-Pacific regions

APTEP is based on three fundamental pillars

Education and Workforce – Research & Technology – Business & Marketplace

APTEP Triangle horizontal

The APTEP mission is to increase awareness, promote commerce and partnerships in sustainable energy solutions for the Asia-Pacific countries, where affordability, local maintainability, and cultural compatibility are key design factors

Education & Workforce

  • Address need for future clean-tech workforce;
  • Map the K-20 grade level STEM Pipeline;
  • Develop energy outreach programs to promote and sustain interest in STEM;
  • Promote development of innovative learning programs in STEM topics related to clean-tech.

Research & Technology

  • Research, develop and evaluate U.S. technologies applicable to Asia-Pacific regions;
  • Establish partnerships with Asia-Pacific research organizations;
  • Evaluate alternative energy at test-bed sites across Hawaii as models for environmental and climate diversity in Asia-Pacific regions.

Business & Marketplace

  • Grow U.S. commerce by promoting U.S. clean-tech technology across Asia-Pacific regions;
  • Provide resource assistance to facilitate the growth of U.S. clean-tech startups;
  • Provide entrepreneurial and business maturation guidance to facilitate the development and growth of U.S. clean-tech startups.

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