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MKThink is the Ideas Company for the Built Environment. Combining Architecture, Strategy, and Innovation into a singular, dynamic practice, MKThink is uniquely suited to provide applied design services and technology to critical issues affecting large and complex organizations.

Founded in 2000 in San Francisco, MKThink is home to architects, business strategists, designers, behaviorists, organizational developers, researchers, software engineers, and urban planners serving a range of prestigious and complex institutions.

MKThink applies design thinking to optimize the creation, operation, and repositioning of healthy, high-performance spaces for healthy, high-performing people.

MKThink works closely with its in-house data management, analytics, and insights company RoundhouseOne. RoundhouseOne is an innovative San Francisco-based data-driven technology company that delivers insight to improve an organization’s performance by relating human factors, environmental conditions and physical structures.



1500 Sansome Street, San Francisco, CA 96734, USA
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MKThink and RoundhouseOne building, San Francisco, California (Source: Dr. S. Cerri)

(Photo courtesy of S.Cerri)

MKThink integrates three centers of excellence:


MKThink develops effective solutions to complex problems. The company’s process combines data-driven analytics with design thinking to create strategic, operational, and economic value.


MKThink enhances the spirit of place, related to wellness and sustainability through making. The company identifies opportunities for effective reuse of existing assets and also generates thoughtful ground-up design.


MKThink creates new hardware and software products and services through research, incubation, and enterprise to solve recurring problems in the built environment.


MKThink delivers innovative solutions for primary problems through its research-based range of service

  • Research

    MKThink practice’s foundation, data-driven problem definition and SWOT analysis

  • Workshop

    Problem definition, consensus building, and data gathering

  • Assessment

    Evaluate cultural, environmental, and asset conditions related to performance metrics

  • Cultural Assessment

    “Culture cartography” decoding the drivers of human performance

  • Ideation

    Design thinking practice for client defined problem; stakeholder engagement

  • Planning & Design

    Creation, realignment, and renovation of places relate to human-centered ecosystem improvement

  • Testing & Prototyping

    Modeling and evaluation of preliminary solutions to point of failure to inform large scale implementation

  • Implementation

    A sum of all parts, using each service to put the best possible plan into action


Renewable Energy Architecture for Cultural and Human Environments (REACHE)

The program’s objective is to establish a case for measuring, evaluating, and predicting the relationships between renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, environmentally responsive architectural design, and work place functionality within a culturally appropriate context.

MKThink end goal is always to enable full human performance with minimal resource waste through built environment alignment

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