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The Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving a balanced economy and more rewarding choices for the Maui County residents. It has been breated in 1982 by the community, business and elected leaders.

The MEDB team worked tirelessly with an extensive network of public, private and nonprofit partners to build homegrown solutions to countywide problems. Priority was given to honoring the Maui County community’s environmental and cultural values.

MEDB initial focus on the growth of a technology sector put emphasis on building a supportive business climate, access to resources and collaborations among peers. Its success in technology has paved the way for adding other sectors such as agri-tech, energy and health.

In 1999, the Maui Economic Development Board created the Women in Technology (WIT) Project to work in partnership with educators and businesses to build and strengthen Hawaii’s science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education-to-workforce pipeline.

To accomplish this, WIT strives to motivate under-utilized resources such as women and minorities toward technology-related fields.

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Maui Economic Development Board, Inc.

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MEDB (Source: Dr. Cerri)

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  • Community Consensus

    Build community consensus for economic development priorities in Maui County

  • Economic Development

    Inspire, support, and promote innovation in economic development, and ensure that it is culturally and environmentally appropriate

  • 21st Century Careers

    Prepare Maui County residents to compete for 21st Century careers by improving Maui County’s capacity to educate, train, and provide skill-based experiences

  • Policies and Funding

    Expand support for policies and funding that ensure the availability of sustainable, living wage jobs throughout Maui County

  • Informed Decision Making

    Provide research and analysis on economic issues that promote informed decision making within the Maui County community


Asia Pacific Energy Inquiry (APEI)

Asia Pacific Energy Inquiry (APEI) is a program of learning and teaching based on the Island Energy InquiryTM (IEI) workshops and curriculum. APEI uses hands-on inquiry learning to help students discover the sciences of renewable energies and connect with energy advances in the Asia Pacific region.


Hawaii STEM Conference Program

STEM/Service Learning students, teachers, parents, community and industry leaders are invited to gather on Maui to celebrate STEM learning projects, experience the excitement of a regional technology conference and share stories with other students from different islands.

HI STEM Conference

Island Energy InquiryTM (IEI) Program

A timely workshop series originated on Maui, Island Energy InquiryTM became the first statewide energy education program that engages students in solving current energy issues in Hawaii while using cutting edge materials and technologies to implement scientific inquiry and engineering design processes.


STEMworksTM Program

STEMworksTM is a statewide, design-based STEM/Service-Learning program where students get to use the most current, high-end technologies in community projects.
During the STEMworksTM process, students learn how to develop industry-partner relationships, provide actual deliverables, and maintain ongoing solutions for the future.


Strengthening the economy. Diversifying business. Honoring culture

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