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Royer Studios, is an award-winning education and entertainment corporation with over 27 years of technical, creative, and film, video, and animation production experience.

Royer Studios is also committed to youth empowerment through media arts, engaging young people in violence-free and experiential projects that focus on the digital arts. The goal is empowering and enabling youth to make a difference, be persuasive, enhance their imagination, and find their voices through art.

With a history of successful projects in the education and youth development markets, Mr. Bruce Royer brings integrity, commitment and extensive expertise to each of his productions. To date, over 200,000 youth have participated in programs developed or co-developed by Mr. Royer.

To expand Royer Studios’ commitment to serving children, youth and teens Animate Your Learning! (AYL!) was introduced in order to develop a new generation of intuitive digital arts and animation tools for easy use in K-12 classrooms, at home, and on mobile devices.


Royer Studios

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Bruce Royer and Leszek Burzynski (Source: Royer Studios)

(Photo courtesy of Royer Studios)

  • Intuitive Tools and Strategic Public-Private Partnerships

    Develop partnerships that will hasten a “tipping point” in defining the 21st Century classroom so that digital and media arts tools are ubiquitous — valued as basic tools in making meaning, assessing student learning, and communicating ideas

  • Empowering People

    Empowering educators, teaching artists and other stakeholders with research-based and validated tools and a robust professional learning community in order to bolster the successful integration of the digital and media arts into curriculum planning, instruction, and assessment

  • No more Gaps

    Closing the socio-economic gap reaccess to rigorous arts learning and the digital and media arts


Animate My Action Plan

Royer Studios developed Animate My Action Plan (AMAP) in partnership with the National Guard Youth Foundation as a way for Youth ChalleNGe cadets to gain 21st Century workforce skills, develop a career path, and to serve as a gateway to higher education.
The innovative program, sponsored by ONR, focuses on both professional and personal development for at-risk and historically underrepresented youth.


Animation Projects

This classroom experience embodies the best of youth development by engaging students in project-based learning, promoting media literacy, increasing creativity and collaboration, and raising awareness on topics of social concern.  The real value of the program was that students were learning without realizing it!

Animation Projects

Living Life Forwards (LLF) – Documentary

This video, shot in California, New Zealand, Fiji, and Hawaii in partnership with the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute and the Office of Naval Research, shows how the climate changes that threat our entire planet are already manifesting most acutely in the South Pacific where the battle to save entire island nations is already underway.

Living Life Forwards

A world in which all children, youth and teens have access to digital arts tools and quality arts learning, enabling them to fully explore and express their human potential as creative, productive participants in the 21st Century economy and global on-line learning community

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