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Makai Ocean Engineering was founded in 1973 as a diversified ocean engineering company. Practice areas include engineering for ocean based renewable energy, large underwater pipelines, software for planning, simulation, installation and recovery of submarine cables and arrays, and software for visualizing scientific 4D/5D data.

Makai supports APTEP’s mission on the Science and Technology side of the triangle. Makai employs a number of master’s and PhD level engineers who are developing unique, proprietary technology related to marine renewable energy, energy efficiency, and ocean engineering.

Makai’s technology directly enhances its private sector work in these areas, supporting the Commerce side of the triangle. Specifically, technology such as heat exchangers, marine pipelines, ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC), and seawater air conditioning (SWAC) system designs, are being exported to international markets, with recent customers residing in China, Japan, Korea, Australia, Pacific Islands, Africa, France, and Latin America.

Makai also contributes to improving education and awareness of these unique technologies with its presence in the community and by collaborating with APTEP educational partners.


Makai Ocean Engineering

P.O. Box 1206
Kailua, HI 96734
Phone: +1-808-259-8871
Fax: +1-808-259-8238

Makai Pier, Oahu, Hawaii (Source: Makai Engineering)

(Photo courtesy of Makai Engineering)

  • Renewable Energy

    Makai is committed to the research and development of ocean-based renewable energy sources, such as SWAC, OTEC, and wave energy

  • Submarine Cable Software

    Makai offers sophisticated products that work together to improve the speed, accuracy and reliability with which submarine cables are laid

  • GIS Services

    Makai’s geographic information system (GIS) group specializes in delivering custom software and services for GIS applications

  • Pipelines

    Makai’s long experience with marine pipelines has led to innovative and cost-effective designs and deployment methods

  • Research and Design

    Makai has provided custom research, design, and project management services for clients who range from aquaculture farmers to the largest energy and defense companies in the world


OTEC Demonstration Plant

Makai is designer, owner and operator of an OTEC Demonstration Plant, which is part of Makai’s Ocean Energy Research Center. The purposes are:

  • Heat exchanger testing for OTEC and other marine applications;
  • Marine corrosion research;
  • OTEC power generation, turbine and system controls.

Makai is dedicated to providing world-class solutions to difficult engineering problems

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